Users’ information reaches Google and Apple every 4 minutes


The issue of social network companies collecting user data is often controversial. But the search engine company Google is at the forefront of collecting the most data in the world.

A research report claims that Google has been collecting 20 times more data from its Android users than Apple’s iOS. A research report from Trinity College Dublin compares data from the iPhone and Google Pixel phones.

The results show that Google collects 20 times more data from its Android users than the iPhone. During the research, the settings of Pixel phone and iPhone were adjusted to minimize data collection.

Even then, Google was collecting more data than Apple. However, Google has expressed dissatisfaction with the report. This research was done on the privacy of mobile handsets.

The report found that both the Pixel phone and the iPhone were sending user data to their companies (Google and Apple) on average every 4 minutes. This includes many information such as IMEI, hardware serial number, SIM card serial number, phone number.

For example, when you put a SIM card in Google or Apple’s phone, the information immediately reaches the company concerned. The iPhone sends the MAC address and GPS location to its company.

Another concern is that users cannot prevent such data from being taken in any way. Apple keeps track of local IP addresses and locations, even when not logged in to the device. Google does not collect local IP addresses.

Google takes the MAC address of WiFi. But Apple does not collect that information. Within 10 minutes of turning on the phone, Google collects about one MB of data from the user, while Apple takes only 42 KB of data. Similarly, when the phone is turned on, Google takes one MB of data every hour, while Apple collects only 52 KB.

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