Prone position: How useful is it to increase oxygen?

What is prone position?

In order to increase the amount of oxygen from the prone position, following some methods is to sleep on the strength of the stomach. Sleeping in this way opens the lung cells and helps to increase the amount of oxygen. Prone position in the world of medical science has been practiced for years.

Lung infections are found to spread rapidly in patients with the corona virus. The infection is so severe that people find it difficult to breathe. This reduces the amount of oxygen in the body. Therefore, a patient infected with corona has to maintain the amount of oxygen in the body.

How to complete the amount of oxygen? Its natural and simple method is prone position. Even if it is temporary, it gives relief.

How to do

This requires four or five heads at the beginning. Now you have to lie down on your stomach with the strength of your stomach. When sleeping in this way, you should keep a pillow under your neck. The head should also be placed below the waist and under the legs. Do not allow the abdomen to touch the surface of the bed after placing the pillow. If the abdomen is large, three or four pillows should be placed just below the abdomen.

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If a corona patient is taking this position, a doctor must be consulted. As far as possible, it can be done under the supervision of a doctor. Because the experts will decide how long or how to stay in such a position. If an infected person has severe breathing problems, it is important to not only rely on the prone position, but also arrange for an oxygen bed.

Who can’t do this position?

Do not practice this position if you have heart disease, spinal problems, leg surgery or neck problems.

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