passport online form nepal
passport online form nepal

Apply Online: Online Passport Form Nepal

Easy way to Apply Online: Online Passport form Nepal with Mobile Device and Computer or Laptop at your home town. You can Apply for Passport via online official Website of Home Department of Passport Website I am going to share about Online Passport form Filling in Nepal that which document you should needed to fill Passport form Nepal. You should take an Appointment in your District or Kathmandu Department of Passport Office. If you need Urgently Passport You should Apply online Form (not necessary for emergency Person) and go to Direct Kathmandu Passport Department Office. You can apply Passport Online form to get your appointment in your Nerby place District (CDO Office).

However, the process of obtaining a passport has traditionally been a time-consuming and paperwork-intensive ordeal. Fortunately, Nepal has transitioned to a more efficient and accessible system. In this article, we will explore the advantages of applying online for your passport in Nepal using the “Online Passport Form.” This streamlined process promises to make obtaining a passport a hassle-free experience.

passport online form nepal
passport online form Nepal

What documents are required to fill Online Passport form Nepal?

  1. National Identify Card (Rastriya Parichaya Pattra)
  2. Citizenship Certificate
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Marriage Certificate if You Married for (Girls Only)
  5. Immigrant Certificate if You Immigrated from Another District or Place

What documents are required to fill Renew passport online form in Nepal?

  1. National Identify Card (Rastriya Parichaya Pattra)
  2. Old Passport
  3. Citizenship Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Marriage Certificate if You Married for (Girls Only)
  6. Immigrant Certificate if You Immigrated from Another District or Place

Can I fill online form for lost passport?

Yes You Can Fill Passport online form to your Lost Passport Application and get New Passport.

Step by Step to Get your Passport in Nepal.

  1. Prepare Document
  2. Pick Appointment Date and Fill out Form Online
  3. Choose Passport Application Type: New, Stolen, Renew, Replace
  4. Upload All Necessary Documents.
  5. Apply and Submit
  6. Print out Filled Form in High Quality
  7. Carry Required Document, Citizenship, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Immigration Certificate, National ID Card
  8. Pay Passport Fee in Nepal Bank
  9. Submit it to the Passport Officer.
  10. The Officer will take your photo. (Don’t wear any ornaments)
  11. If you
  12. If you are going to the district, your passport will arrive in 20 to 25 days.
    If you are going to the Department of Passport Office will arrive in 1-3 Dyas.

Benefits of Applying for a Online Passport form Nepal

Convenience and Accessibility

The online passport application system in Nepal offers a significant advantage in terms of convenience. Applicants can access the application portal from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need to visit government offices in person. This accessibility means that you can start your application from the comfort of your home, office, or even while traveling.


One of the most compelling reasons to apply for a passport online is the time-saving aspect. Traditional passport applications often involved long queues and multiple visits to government offices. With the online process, you can complete your application at your own pace, saving you valuable time. Additionally, the online system reduces the processing time, meaning you’ll receive your passport sooner.

Reduced Paperwork

The traditional passport application process typically required numerous forms and documents, leading to a substantial amount of paperwork. Online applications streamline this process by digitizing the required documents and allowing you to upload them electronically. This reduces the risk of losing important documents and contributes to a more eco-friendly process.

Transparency and Tracking

Online passport applications offer transparency and tracking features that the traditional method lacks. You can monitor the status of your application in real-time, from the moment you submit it to when your passport is dispatched for delivery. This transparency provides peace of mind and ensures that you are well-informed throughout the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Online for a Passport in Nepal

Now that you understand the benefits of applying for a passport online let’s walk through the process step by step:

A. Preparing the Necessary Documents for Online Passport Form Nepal

Before you begin the online application, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready. These typically include proof of citizenship, identity, and address, as well as recent passport-sized photographs. Make sure your documents meet the specified criteria to avoid any delays.

B. Creating an Account on the Online Portal

Visit the official website of the Nepal Department of Passports and create an account. You will need a valid email address to do this. Once registered, you can log in to start your application.

C. Filling Out the Online Passport Form

Fill out the online passport form with accurate and up-to-date information. Take your time to double-check all entries, as errors could result in processing delays. The online form is designed to be user-friendly, with helpful prompts and instructions along the way.

D. Uploading Documents and Photographs

Scan and upload the required documents and passport-sized photographs. Ensure that the scanned copies are clear and meet the specified size and format requirements.

E. Payment Process

Pay the passport application fees using the online payment options available on the portal. Keep a record of your payment receipt for reference.

F. Booking an Appointment

Once your application is submitted and payment is confirmed, you can book an appointment at your nearest passport office for document verification and biometric data collection. Choose a convenient date and time for your appointment.

G. Attending the Passport Office

On the day of your appointment, visit the passport office with all the original documents for verification. Be punctual and carry a printed copy of your appointment confirmation.

H. Passport Delivery

After successful document verification, your passport will be processed and dispatched. You can track the status of your passport online and receive updates on its delivery. Make sure you or an authorized representative is available to receive the passport at the provided address.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you embark on your online passport application journey, you may have some questions and concerns. Here are answers to some common queries:
A. Common Concerns About Online Passport Applications
Is it safe to apply for a passport online?
Yes, the online passport application portal is secure and follows stringent data protection measures to ensure the safety of your personal information.
Can I apply online if I’m renewing my passport?
Yes, the online application process is applicable for both new passport applications and passport renewals.
What if I make a mistake in my online application?
You can usually edit or update your application before submitting it. However, double-check all information to avoid errors.
B. Addressing Doubts About Security and Privacy
How can I trust the online system with my personal information?
The online passport application portal follows strict security protocols to safeguard your data. It’s crucial to use secure, up-to-date web browsers and avoid using public computers when applying online.
Can someone steal my identity through the online application process?
While online identity theft is a concern, the online passport application portal in Nepal has implemented robust security measures to protect your information.
C. Troubleshooting Issues During the Online Application Process
What should I do if I encounter technical issues during my online application?
Contact the support team provided on the portal or seek assistance from the nearest passport office.
I haven’t received updates on my application status. What should I do?
Use the tracking feature on the portal to check the status of your application. If you encounter issues, reach out to the passport office for assistance.


Applying for a passport is a crucial step toward exploring the world and accessing international opportunities. With the transition to online passport applications in Nepal, the process has become more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly. By embracing the “Online Passport Form,” you can save time, reduce paperwork, and enjoy greater convenience.
So, why wait? Start your online passport application today and embark on your journey to global exploration with ease. Embrace the digital era, and take advantage of the streamlined process to obtain your passport hassle-free. Your adventure awaits!