Nepali Unicode Traditional Layout & Download


How to Download Nepali Unicode Traditional Layout

Nepali Kalimati Unicode Traditional Font is Very Popular Font in Nepali Government Office. Kalimati Font looks like as a nepali popular font Preeti. If you have knowledge of Preeti Font You can type easily in Kalimati Unicode Devanagari Font. Today I am providing to you for Nepali Devanagar Font Kalimati (Traditional) with keyboard layout.

How to Setup and Use Kalimati Nepali Unicode Traditional Devanagari Font

Kalimati Font known as a popular font for Nepali Typing. Which use many people for easily to work their official project. Kalimati Unicode font is very useful for government font. It looks like as a preeti font. Here is step by step.

Step 1. Download Kalimati Font and Install in your PC.

Step 2. Install Nepali Unicode Traditional Devanagari Language in Your PC.

Step 3. Confirm to Set Your Language in English to Nepali (which should be appear in System Tray Icons)

kalimati aa
nepali traditional unicode font

Step 4. Choose Font Kalimati in Your Typing Software (eg. word, excel, powerpoint and others…)

nepali unicode kalimati font layout

Step5. Enjoy!

Watch Video For Full Setup Guide

Nepali Unicode Traditional Font Kalimati Layout

After using Kalimati Nepali Unicode Traditional Layout and Download Fonts. You Can Easily Type Words of Keys. If you are using Preeti Font I think you will thinking easy.

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