MiMi Movie Review: A young woman’s ambition and hired womb

The culture of surrogacy has flourished in India. There is a film based on this theme, ‘Mimi’. This is a serious and sensitive issue in itself. However, it is presented in a light and entertaining way. The story of the film is very strong. The story binds the viewer to the end.


Living in a city in Rajasthan, Mimi (Kriti Senan) dreams of becoming a Bollywood heroine. He needs money. On the other hand, driver Bhanupratap Pandey (Pankaj Tripathi) is walking around with an American couple. The couple needed a young woman who could rent a womb. Because they want to be the parents of a child by renting a womb.

Mimi is found in this order. He needs money. She will receive millions of dollars for raising another’s child in her womb. She is tempted to give birth to a surrogate child.

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Mimi tells the householder, ‘I got an offer for a film, I will go to Mumbai.’

She starts living in the house of her friend Shama (Sai ​​Tamhankar). The American couple leaves Mimi with Bhanu to take care of her. This is followed by a twist in the story that shakes the lives of Bhanu and Mimi.

The film is based on the 2011 film ‘Mala I Vaychay’. There are some twists and turns in the film, which makes you laugh. Mimi is sitting with her Muslim friend, talking to the shopkeeper outside her house, some scenes between Mimi and Bhanu, Bhanuki’s wife coming to Mimi’s house, Bhanu and Shama’s father being face to face, the events are interesting.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Laughing makes you emotional. Mimi gives birth to a white baby and the environment she creates for it is fantastic. The screenplay of the film is well written. A lot of work has been done on small scenes. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

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Some may think that the story is not credible. Mimi may find it so easy to get ready for surrogacy, that her family doesn’t really care. However, the writer-director has tried to make the film more entertaining than logical. So he is not trying to confirm the arguments, he has tried to make the film as entertaining as possible.

Half an hour after the end of the film feels a bit dull.

The film does not raise the issue of foreigners looking for young women for surrogacy in India. It could have been made more complicated. Although the film says so, this business has grown very fast in India.

Director Laxman Uterak has kept the entire film under his control. The artist has acted naturally. For Kriti Senan, this is the best film of her career. Mimi’s coolness is well presented on the screen. Pankaj Tripathi is an amazing actor.

The song composed by AR Rahman has made the film more dynamic. Overall, Mimi doesn’t add depth to the story, but it does entertain

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