Development Bank in Nepal

Development banks are specialized financial institutions. They provide medium and long-term finance to the industrial and agricultural sector. They provide finance to both private and public sector. Development banks are multipurpose financial institutions. They do term lending, investment in securities and other activities. They even promote saving and investment habit in the public. There is no precise definition of the development bank. William Diamond and Shirley Bosky consider industrial finance and development corporations as ‘development banks’ Fundamentally a development bank is a term lending institution.

Development bank is essentially a multi-purpose financial institution with a broad development outlook. A development bank may, thus, be defined as a financial institution concerned with providing all types of financial assistance (medium as well as long-term) to business units, in the form of loans, underwriting, investment and guarantee operations, and promotional activities — economic development in general, and industrial development, in particular. “In short, a development bank is a development-oriented bank.”

Development Bank List in Nepal

  1. Narayani Development Bank Ltd.
  2. Sahayogi Vikas Bank Ltd. Sahayogi
  3. Karnali Development Bank Ltd.
  4. Excel Development Bank Ltd
  5. Miteri Development Bank Ltd.
  6. Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd.
  7. Corporate Development Bank Ltd.
  8. Kanchan Development Bank Ltd.
  9. Sindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.
  10. Sahara Bikas Bank Ltd.
  11. Salapa Bikash Bank Ltd.
  12. Green Development Bank Ltd.
  13. Sangrila Development Bank Ltd.
  14. Deva Development Bank Ltd.
  15. Kailash Bikash Bank Ltd.
  16. Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd.
  17. Jyoti Bikas Bank Ltd.
  18. Garima Bikas Bank Ltd.
  19. Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd.
  20. Gandaki Bikas Bank Ltd.
  21. Lumbini Bikas Bank Ltd.
  22. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd.
  23. Saptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.
  24. Tinau Mission Bikas Bank Ltd.

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