Dell Vostro Series Laptops Price in Nepal


The “Vostro” series (as cool as it sounds) was a very popular lineup of Dell laptops back in the day, which was especially targetted for the corporate users. However, it was discontinued in 2013 by the company citing changing technology and lesser demand. These laptops have a sleek and professional design with decent a spec-sheet & enhanced security options too. Neoteric too has abandoned the Vostro series in Nepal and it’s now only available through third-party unofficial distributors.

Vostro 1515.6-inchesIntel Core i5-8th genIntel UHD 6208GB1TB HDDRs. 56,990 (LDS)
Vostro 548114-inchesIntel Core i5-8th genIntel UHD 6208GB256GB SSDRs. 84,800 (BigByte)
Vostro 548114-inchesIntel Core i7-8th genIntel UHD 62016GB512GB SSDRs. 128,800 (BigByte)
Vostro 558115.6-inchesIntel Core i7-8th genNvidia MX230 (2GB)8GB256GB SSDRs. 112,800 (BigByte)
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