August 6, 2021

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Laptops Price in Nepal

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An upgrade from the 3000 series, these are the mid-range options of Dell’s Inspiron series of laptops. They have a relatively better performance, build quality and more. Though the Inspiron 5000 series is an upgrade, it is also suited for the same category of users like students, entry-level programmers, enterprise users, etc. You can find 13, 14, 15 and 17″ models of Dell Inspiron 5000 series laptops in Nepal, powered by either Intel or AMD CPUs.

Inspiron 15 548515.6-inchesAMD Ryzen 5 seriesRadeon Vega 88GB128GB SSDRs. 78,000 (ITTI)
Inspiron 14 548514-inchesAMD Ryzen 7 seriesRadeon Vega 108GB512GB SSDRs. 88,000 (ITTI) | Rs. 89,990 (LDS)
Inspiron 15R 557015.6-inchesIntel Core i3-8th genIntel UHD 6204GB1TB HDDRs. 47,990 (LDS)
Inspiron 14 549114-inchesIntel Core i7-10th genIntel UHD 6208GB512GB SSDRs. 109,990 (LDS)
Inspiron 15 559315.6-inchesIntel Core i7-10th genNvidia MX230 (4GB)8GB1TB HDDRs. 99,990 (LDS)
Inspiron 15 557015.6-inchesIntel Core i5-8th genRadeon 530 (2GB GDDR5)4GB1TB HDDRs. 67,800 (BigByte)
Inspiron 15 556715.6-inchesIntel Core i7-7th genRadeon M445 (4GB GDDR5)8GB2TB HDDRs. 84,800 (BigByte)
Inspiron 13 537913.3-inchesIntel Core i7-8th genIntel UHD 6208GB256GB SSDRs. 89,000 (BigByte)
Inspiron 15 557915.6-inchesIntel Core i7-8th genIntel UHD 6208GB256GB SSDRs. 92,800 (BigByte)
Inspiron 15 557915.6-inchesIntel Core i7-8th genIntel UHD 62016GB512GB SSDRs. 116,800 (BigByte)
Inspiron 15 557015.6-inchesIntel Core i7-8th genRadeon 530 (4GB GDDR5)16GB2TB HDDRs. 96,800 (BigByte)
Inspiron 15 557515.6-inchesAMD Ryzen 7 seriesRadeon Vega 1016GB512GB SSDRs. 114,800 (BigByte)
Inspiron 17 577017.3-inchesIntel Core i7-8th genIntel UHD 62016GB1TB HDD + 256GB SSDRs. 120,800 (BigByte)
Inspiron 15 559315.6-inchesIntel Core i3-10th genIntel UHD 6204GB128GB SSDRs. 54,900 (Neoteric)
Inspiron 14 549014-inchesIntel Core i5-10th genNvidia MX230 (2GB)8GB256GB SSDRs. 100,900 (Neoteric)
Inspiron 15 559315.6-inchesIntel Core i5-10th genNvidia MX230 (2GB)4GB128GB SSD + 1TB HDDRs. 85,900 (Neoteric)
Inspiron 15 559315.6-inchesIntel Core i7-10th genNvidia MX230 (4GB)8GB512GB SSDRs. 112,900 (Neoteric)
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